A variety of synthetic, spectroscopic, microscopic, analytical, thermal, surface, bulk, electronic, computational, and other methods are available in the GEMS Center and in individual labs of the investigators. Some of the unique equipment includes

  • microcalorimetry
  • SAM
  • XPS
  • DART mass spectrometry
  • SPR imaging
  • microfluidic arrays
  • high throughput reaction systems with LC-MS/MS and optical detection
  • electrochemiluminescent devices
  • microelectronic arrays
  • quartz crystal microbalances
  • impedance analyzers
  • in situ XRD
  • in situ SAXS
  • AFM
  • ALD
  • dynamic light scattering


and other advanced instrumentation at national laboratories (BNL, ANL, NIST, ORNL) through proposal submissions.